We all want to do our best to minimise our impact on the environment. By fitting high performance Upvc windows you are not only improving your thermal efficiency in the home, but can now also achieve lower environmental impact, by using recycled materials without compromising performance or aesthetic appeal.

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Reduce, Re-use, Recycle are the guiding principles to minimise environmental impact. Our frames satisfy all three. We reduce the requirement for new Upvc therefore reducing oil consumption and carbon emissions. We recycle all our waste Upvc created during manufacturing processes.

All our products will meet exactly the same high performance criteria that you have come to expect from modern windows and conservatories. Our products can exceed all regulatory requirements for security, safety, durability, thermal and acoustic insulation.

  • Our windows and doors provide an outstanding barrier against heat and noise loss - even in the most extreme whether conditions.
  • Windows and doors made from Upvc negates the use of timber, protecting the planets trees.
  • Our windows and doors do not require painting and therefore don't consume additional harmful materials or generate associated waste.

Today's advanced performance Upvc windows and doors can deliver significant energy savings. As such they can play a positive role in making your home more sustainable by helping you to cut your carbon footprint, not to mention the price of your heating bills.The average UK home produces 6 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year. Multiply that nationally and you get a total of 83 million tonnes.

The installation of advanced performance windows, for example a 'C' rated window, will save about 852kg of CO2 per year, per property - fit an 'A' rated window and the carbon saving becomes even greater.


Based on current energy prices fitting a minimum performance 'E' rated window compared to an old single glazed window will cut the average cost of heat loss to around £75 per year from £188 per year - a potential saving of £113.


  • PVC is 100% recyclable.
  • PVC can be recycled 10 or more times without losing performance and has an average lifespan of approximately 35 years.
  • PVC Windows are energy efficient and could help cut your Carbon Footprint and energy bills.
  • PVC is totally inert to the environment.
  • Today's advanced PVC products already include a high proportion of recycled content.
  • PVC manufacture releases very few dioxins into the air.
  • PVC products require very low maintenance.

PVC Aware

Southport Glass is a proud member and supporter of PVCaware.org. The website details information about PVC, the environment and sustainability. www.pvcaware.org


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